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Hey guys! We all know about the massive success that was achieved by our product “LightingGale” in the area of street light control. We are now trying to make inroads in the internal lighting industry by introducing a new product “iLC-Touch” that shall allow you wireless lighting control just by the touch of a button since the entire system is based on a touch pad. All you need to do is add a small Street Light Controller(SLC) that works at radio frequencies in series with you luminary. Be it any light source, our engineers have built our controllers so smartly keeping in mind “One SLC fits all” policy.


A very cost effective investment..

These days, cost cutting is seen in all industries and my answer to all you pessimistic thinkers who’s question would be “ Why should we waste our money in technology, when we are already working on a tight budget?” is that try asking me the same question once you read through this post. Let me show you how. Lets read though a survey done by “On World” on wireless lighting control

“Today, a typical building wastes almost a third of its lighting energy due to inefficient or non-existent lighting control systems,” says Mareca Hatler ON World’s research director. “Wireless energy management systems that integrate with a building’s lighting infrastructure is one of the fastest growing areas in building automation.”

ON World’s survey of 85 professional installers found that 59% are providing wireless lighting controls. Over half provide a centralized wireless lighting control system and about a quarter install lighting systems that use wireless adapters. Nearly 6 in 10 provide a wireless lighting control system that features occupancy detection, 34% daylighting and 26% support utility demand response programs.

A few technology trends that urge to inculcate wireless lighting controls in buildings today:

Wireless Mesh Networking

Wireless mesh networking avoids dependence on a wired backbone that is used by the majority of wireless lighting control systems. Targeted at building-wide wireless energy management as well as outdoor commercial areas, wireless mesh systems attach to, or integrate with, lighting luminaires.

Smart Drivers

The migration to LED lighting is one of the biggest developments in building energy management systems by providing long-lasting light sources that are especially suited for digital controls.

By 2020, global wireless lighting control device shipments will increase by over 1500% from 2012 when they will save buildings $4.2 billion in energy costs.

ON World’s recently published report, “Smart Building Wireless Sensor Networks” is based on phone interviews and online surveys with over 250 individuals including facility/property managers, professional installers, equipment manufacturers, software developers and component suppliers…

You’ve heard it from them, and now I am pretty sure that all your pessimistic doubts have been cleared. We at Cimcon believe in action more than words, and I guess the above article speaks volumes of how we could make this planet greener.

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